Cross, Candle, Bible

I wanted to talk about what doing Cross, Candle, Bible at our C.R.H.P. meetings mean to me. I know thy might mean a lot to you others who go to C.R.H.P. meetings and how it makes you feel about this has happened. I'm not sure how to word this, but I will give it a go. If I start rambling on, just ignore me okay. I tend to ramble and drift off topic most of the time. See I'm doing it now.. God help me for I ahve sinned against myself. I need your strength to get this post done and done right. I know I'm so much of a perfectionist. But you love me for it right?

I know God has always been there for me, but I haven't listened is the thing. See I'm talking about what here? Does this refer to anything. "Come on :Lisa Anne, get on topic girl. Does God need to spank your tush for getting off topic again."

Right back to the main point of this post. Cross, Candle, Bible means to me, You are letting God's spirit, his guiding spirit into the room, to preside over whoever is in the room. Lighting the candle, then putting on music to set the mood. Lighting the candle is like letting God know your are on his time and he is going to guide you all to say, read and think what you need to be thinking about. He knows yo by name, he can name everything you've ever done right and wrong.

You choose who is going to hold each item in Cross, Candle, Bible and who is going to choose the music. The music is key, as it lets you slowly let God into the room and he will watch over your all. Let you know he is there and you are his disciples, his messengers. That is what we all are.

Anyhow, Cross, Candle, Bible is a good thing to do even at your own home to set the mood for letting God into the room so he can guide you, strengthen you and help you learn the right way, the key way to keep to his word, which is in the Bible. It's God Manual for us to always refer back to when we need guidance, answers to questions and just to know he loves us and is there for us. All we have to do is ask for him to come into our hearts and guide us on our life given path.

I love going to C.R.H.P. meeting, but I think it's more fun to annoy and tease whoever comes to give me a ride to the meeting. I love all my girls, as they are the biggest part of my life. I would name them by first name, but I haven't gotten there permission. So I'll just say Brat one, and Brat two, and loveable one, loveable two, and cutiepie one, and cutiepie two... If they read this post, they'll have me tell who is who, but God has sworn me to total secrecy on that. Thank you Lord.

Once the Candle is lit, the cross is ready, we start the music. Then we walk into the room, holding Cross, Candle, Bible, placing the Cross down first, then Candle, last Bible, letting it open to wherever it does. That just means that's were God wants us to know more than anything else.

See I think I did it better than the other day.. Aren't I getting good God... See I am listening, just go off topic and ramble on like forever and a day at times. yes I know I'm doing it again.. Forgive me this time.. Love you and p[lease bless who needs it most... In God's name AMEN!


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