Movie: Angels and Demons

I have spent the last couple of hours, watching the movie based on the book by Dan Brown. I had heard about the Illuminati and have done a lot of research on this sect and what they did and how they dealt with the world. I found the movie somewhat interesting, but I have to say it doesn't put the catholic faith in a good light. I became a catholic a few years ago. I found that my husband and his family were devote Catholics, so I wanted to learn more about the faith. I was catholic by birth, but I denounced the religion many years ago due to my biological family behavior and how they used the catholic faith to abuse me and my brothers.

I went through life not believing in anything. Yes my life was not pretty and it wasn't nice either. The abused started with my grandparents, from the age of two. They abused me physically, emotionally and sexually from my grandfather. These were the people my mother entrusted me with for my care. I believe she knew about the abuse, but did nothing to help Ian and Michael my brothers and myself. At the age of five I was taken back by my mother and she had a boyfriend, who later became my stepfather. He continued the abuse under the watchful eye of my mother. I started to hate religion due to them both saying I was filled with demons and I was Satan's daughter.

Anyhow, back on subject. I then believed maybe my family weren't good Catholics. I got to know my husband and about his faith and along side the kindness and love his family showered me with. I couldn't believe this was right. I learned about being catholic. I was stunned at the friends I made and now still have.

The movie let me understand that the catholic faith was filled with good people and bad, I hated the way they depicted the catholic faith in the film. I know from my own belief that God and Christ not only helps believers, but non-believers too. God is merciful, kind and very loving and forgiving to anyone who asks for his forgiveness.

The film tried to depicted that Catholic priests would lie to get the message across. I know this as I live it daily. I know from fact and from the believers side of things. That God is not in control of our bodies or minds. He lets us make our own mistakes and lets us learn from them. I know this, from a life filled with hate and evil thoughts about hurting my family and wanting them dead for what they put me through all my life.

After becoming a catholic, I learned that God gives us all the right to choose. The only thing he does is guide up and leads us on the right path, but only if we choose to pick that way. I haven't been picking the right road for a long time. I've done things I regret and I did learn that God only helps guide you, you have to make the effort to follow him and to let him into your heart, soul and mind. Just just for one day, but your whole lifetime.

If you want to let God into your heart, just pray. Pray with your whole heart, mind and soul. Ask with a sorrowful heart. Let him know you're sorry for your sins and your past life activities and you want him in your life. He will send the Holy Spirit and it will enter your body and guide your thoughts and guide your heart. If you want to have a good life, a wholesome life. Let God into your heart, soul and mind. Do it without doubt with a contrite spirit and he will guide your paths. Yes I believe God has shown me the light and I intend on showing everyone I come in contact with to ask God into their lives and follow him. If you don't have God or Christ to guide you, you will be under attack from the Devil(Satan). If  you want eternal life and to go to heaven, let God help guide you there!


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