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The Trinity

My friends at church know I have been trying to many years to understand this, and what it was. I would argue with many friends, family members and church friends.I found it a hard concept to believe in. Trinity is about belief and understanding without really knowing what it is.

Right now, today I have started to realize that you just have to believe. Not just say you do, but actually believe with every part of your being. I have always argued that no one can believe in such nonsense. But today it came to me, I heard that voice again. Yes a voice from above. I heard that voice on Thursday night while at my C.R.H.P. meeting. Lourdes started off the praying circle before we concluded the meeting.

Anyhow, back to topic. While listening to Lourdes prayer, I never like praying aloud along with my other sisters. Yes I might not feel feminine, but I do love calling the girls my sisters. Right, I've drifted again. Back to topic. The Trinity has always been non believable to me. How c…

Lenten Season

Last night meeting at Lourdes house was very enlighting and really good. I know I had two glasses of her Irish Cream booze, but I felt that I got some things out there to the girls which helped me a lot. Yes I am thankful for having God and Jesus and being Catholic. There are a few things I hope the girls will help me with, that's getting the word out that about this blog and about my journey to be a better person and how you can learn from others and get a closer connection with God.

At first I wasn't going to convert to being a catholic, due to my upbring and my biological family and their abuse to me for many years. Now that I have been in Indy for nearly five years I have found during that time that friends who aren't Catholic or Christians have gone by the way side. Now I am making new friends online and friend in my church I am finding these sort of friends are willing to help you and stand by your side whether or not they agree with your way or how you get your mess…