Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inspiration From Places and Books

It's now 4:09pm and I'm at Franklin Road Library.  I came her with my partner and we played some games a most the afternoon I've been writing a lot of my current story. I do love playing games, but my genius is writing, because I'm good at it. But God gave me this gift an I'm using it to bring people back to him. God is the most important person in each of our lives, if we don't pray and learn to get closer to him and his begotten son Christ, we will never get eternal life. 

My story - Renewal of Faith is coming on strong.  Yes I have spent two days writing and I'm almost done with my second chapter. I think I have found a new insight to God's gifts he endows us with. If you let that gift go by the sidelines, you'll never understand his wonderous gifts he handed down to us via the Holy Ghost. I pray daily for my gift to lead me to him and to be able to write the sort of stories I want my children to read and enjoy.

I believe I my gifts, which make me a follower of God. If you follow God, and pray ad he'll hand you down a gift, but remember if you let your gift dwindle and not use it. It can be taken away. Pray, study the bible and praise God in all things and everything will be right with you and God. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

C.R.H.P. Meeting

Tonight I had a C.R.H.P. Meeting and it was at Suzie Q's. I have worked on what I wanted to do during the meeting and it went rather well. I felt the spirit leading me to say and think the way's of Christ and God. Being led by the spirit and realizing that we all have a part we fill I this time we have on earth.  My job is to be evangelistic, which means to spread the word of God to those who don't have his loving touch i their lives.  The evening was an abundance of God's love, his unconditional love, along with his guidance and strength.

I believe this picture says it all, God gave his only son to come to earth so that we may have everlasting life. To believe in God is the first thing we need to do. Then we have to pray daily and study his word, the bible.
I suggest you prayer for God to enter into your heart, soul and mind. it is said if you allow God to enter you whole mid, body and soul. He will lead you into the realms of God and you'll one day be with Christ ad God in Heaven. Also know if you ask God and Christ to be your savior, you'll be giving a choice to make. This choice is to follow God and live Christ like and want to spread the word of God. This is by showing others that you have God i your heart. Telling everyone that God saved you from your sins, plus now you have God in your soul, you have to study God's word daily, which is the Holy Bible.

Bible Study

This morning I've been thinking about how much we try to study the bible, but don't manage it all the time. Like yesterday I wanted to give myself twenty minutes to study God's word, but failed. This is something we all need to do, study the bible daily. Even if it's only for a couple of minutes, we must pray and read the bible. This is to let God and Christ into our hearts, to lead us out of the temptations of the flesh on earth.

I intend on studying the bible for at least five minutes a day.To me if I forget to make time for God and his manual, the Holy Bible we will never become the best of what we are here for. Believe, trust and study. Think about it, if I had the choice to go to Heaven or Hell, which one would you choose. For myself personally, I'd always vote for Heaven. The  thing is we do have a choice, it's just do we deserve to go to Heaven.

Are you going to Heaven or Hell?
Think for a minute, what have you done to get the right to be going to heaven. Myself I've had a shady and bad past. This is something I have to repent before I get the right to go to heaven. The Thing is doing good works isn't a pass to get you into heaven. You have top have faith, hope and be studying and taking into your heart the words in the bible. Ask God for forgiveness and let his Holy Ghost/Spirit to enter your body, soul and mind and he will lead you into righteousness and his plan to be with him in heaven.

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