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Visions and Dreams

Where we dream during the night, we see images and hear words. Are these dreams also visions from God?

During the day, we ca see visions. To me a vision is a images followed by words. Are visions truly from God?

I've been searching through the entire world-wide-web, but the only things I've found is that mostly men get visions and dreams from God. This got me thinking and wondering about so much. I've been asking myself if God only gives dreams and visions to men, why has he chosen me?

Now I've come to realize that if God created me, then he is also allowing his angels and the Holy Ghost, to talk to me. This means, I do get visions and I do get him talking to me. If anyone won't listen to his words, he is so much mightier than any of us humans. He created us, and he does want us to dwell with him once again in time.  To be created, and have breath inserted into us.

Think of it for a minute. How does it feel to know you were created in his image. To me…

Visions and God's Plan

Today at church, well first I didn’t want to go. My back wand left knee was in excruciating agony. After a five minute prayer, I felt God’s presence within my body. I usually don’t pray to the Holy Ghost, but this morning I felt the urge. Once at church, the pain was getting heaps worse. I felt that I want going to kill myself if the pain didn’t get better. The pain issues I face are hard, but I know God is with me, but something that’s doesn’t help when the psychical pain is horendance. This was one morning I wished I had a magical cure for my pain issues that riddle my entire body.

Once in the chapel, I sat there in my chair, thinking about God and when I’d be free of pain. I remember at the beginning of Easter/Lent, I had my first vision. Which told me my pain was going to get worse before it got better. It’s now June, almost July. I wonder if he’s forgotten all about me. But I know he hasn’t forgotten me, he just wants me to be patient and listen to his word and advic…