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C.R.H.P. Meeting

After a lot of thought and prayer, I have decided that I know what God's plan is in my life. At times it's very hard, at others life is a piece of cake. Right now It's had work, but I pray daily, and mostly to Our Mother, Mary, and the Holy Ghost. These are the ones we all should remember in prayers. God gave us the Holy Ghost, this is God spirit in us this day, to guide ad show us the right way to live and what each day should bring. I believe God the Father, God the Son wanted us to Have their Holiness, their spirit in us, to dwell inside out mind, body and soul. This is because when we pray, if we receive an answer, we should listen, and pay attention to the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

From the devotional Robin read out, this touch my heart to no end. I felt lead by the spirit. I now have gone back to reading my daily devotional and I know if we all read daily and pray about what we read, God spirit will touch us. We need to allow him to enter our bodies, our minds and …