Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Panic Attacks and God's Guidance

This morning Troy and myself had to travel downtown to get my bus pass renewed. This sounds easy doesn't it. But you are completely wrong. First, when the bus arrived to take us downtown, I was in my wheelchair. I was put on a lift to get in and out the bus. Then traveling through town, the driver went via interstate. On the interstate you end up going over bridges and flyovers. These create panic inside me. I have a phobia of being tossed out of a moving vehicle, plus being flung off a bridge.

On the ride home, I was in a major panic mode. Troy was busying reading his book. I closed my eyes, in hope of Troy letting me know when it was safe to open them again. But he didn't. I then heard a voice. No I not joking. I heard a voice, it wasn't Troy or the bus driver either. I hadn't prayed for guidance or strength either. But the voice told me to relax, breath deeply and observe the trees, cars and trucks we passed. And descibing them to the heavenly voice. I believe God sent his Holy Ghost came to me and help me through the journey home. I got home and got into our apartment and I felt heaps better.

Once I'd eaten something, I prayed to God for many thanks for helping me in my time of need. I believe even when we don't ask for God, Christ and the Holy Ghost to help us through a trying time, they come anyway. To believe in this happening every time, trust me it happens. I know you might think, I've lost my marbles and got completely bananas. But I'm not crazy, I just believe...

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