Monday, August 09, 2010

Guidance and Angelic Guardianship

I've be depressed and feeling rock bottom today, much over the last week. Today I said a small prayer to God and his heavenly angels. I wanted guidance, advice and how to get myself through the rough patches. This afternoon I found Daniel C 33-42. It talked about how God Angel took Habakkuk who'd cooked a meal of stew and bread. To take food for Daniel who was in the lions pit. After the angel took Habakkuk to Daniel and fed him the food, the angel returned Habakkuk to his home.

Then the king visited Daniel in the pit. He assumed Daniel would be dead. But instead found Daniel much alive and sitting in the midst of the lions. He released Daniel, singing praise to Our God, the God of Daniel...

THis shows us all, we we have faith, and stick to God's guidebook, the BIBLE. we too can be enriched and enlighted by God's spoken word through his prophets and their inspired writing in our best book ever, the bible.

Faith and Inspiration

1Tim 6:3-10

This scripture tells of having faith in God and not trying to get rich or wanting worldly goods. As Long as we have clothes on our bodies, food in out stomach and somewhere to worship, we have everything we need. Worldly items don't bring us happiness, but misery. I found this scripture enlightening and touching to understand. I know some of us think we haven't got enough of this or that. I say NO!

Listen to God's word, pray about it, then do what is right. Accept we have things because we need them. Only thirst for God's knowledge and guidance. Nothing else is what we need...

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