Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Warning {Writing}

After mass on Sunday morning, I felt compelled to think what I write and what I should be writing. Being a catholic, and christian is what I am. But I'm also different. I'm not normal in any way. God created me to be different. I gone through a lot of  painful experiences and with them, I suffered emotional, verbal and physical abuse from friends and mainly from my biological family in England.

After Communion I closed my eyes, and said a silent prayer in the pits of my heart, which was near breaking point. I knew I wouldnt get an answer right away, I knew it would take time for God to hear the suffereing of my heart and soul. Right now it's Monday afternoon 4:47pm, my partner is due home at 6pm. I got an answer from my prayer this afternoon. Not sure what to say about it, all I heard was "Write fabout your childhood, the abuse and neglect neets to come out. If you don't you'll never receive full healing. Trust your heart, mind. I will guide you." I'm not sure if I'm going crazy or what, but I think my life is changing yet again. Soon it'll be advent season and mass will touch my heart yet once again like it did during Lent.

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