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Praising God

Today I have found listening to songs on YouTube. You'll find that I listen to Song of praise and worship to our beloved Christ and God. I Urge you to also remember the Holy Ghost. I believe in daily scripture readings, right now today, I'm reading Galatians and I find God's word spiritual and beneficial to all. If you not a christian, the let God and Christ touch your heart, soul and body. Let him into your life. I believe without God in my life I am nothing but dust...

May God Bless Your Life...

Song - Shine On Me!

Verse 1

Her voice imbedded in my head
An embezzle in my heart
It's spelling her name, and its telling me
Because I can get her in my hands
To put her on my arm
These expensive things are just wearing me
Cause nothing, even matters if my sun shines
Trapped in, behind the clouds most of the time
I finally see why the guard her soul
Cause she's priceless,
But there's something she ought to know, so

Bridge 1

She got me pickin' up rocks
Tossing them at her window
Baby come outside
I gave it two or three knocks
Standing at the front door because I gone run out of rocks
(Oh I gotta get up)
And let her know she's perfect in ways
(she couldn't think of)
And I think about her everyday
This might not be love, but this crush
Got me wanting to tell you today


You're a diamond in the rough
Dust you off baby, I want to make you shine for me,
And if I can take you out, I'll show you off baby,
I want the whole world to see.
(Because yo…

Hearing God's Word

Today I have been toying with tell anyone about church today. Like my previous post was about Angels, God's messenger. It you trust in a higher power, There is only one, God. The God of Adam and Eve, God of Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob. The list goes on. I believe in God, God the Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. I'm not a theologists or any professor. I'm just Jools, Bratz to close friends. I'm a normal person, with some differences.
During the homily this morning, I closed my eyes and spoke to God within the silence of my contrite heart. To be contrite means to be sorry for your sins and offer up to God or your guardian angels. Use your guardian angel to offer up prayer and troubles you have to God. God sent his angels to be our guardians and guide us, just like the Holy Ghost guides us. But you must be faithful and prayer daily to keep in good standing with God and his angels and messengers. 
Anyhow lets get back to the subject.  During the homily I heard anoth…

Guardian Angels and Prayer

This morning I slept in, my partner had to wake me up around 8:50am this morning. It was bitterly cold outside, even with a jacket on. I got to church just as mass was starting. Suzie Q was running behind, no shock there. She is one of my best friends. Anyhow back on track. Placing myself next to my partner I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer of my heart. I believe the service was to touch my heart and release the walls  I usually keep up in my head. I never let anyone into my head and I never respect or trust anyone but my life partner and their family. I've not even trusted my close friends with what I have been through in my entire life.

During the homily I felt touched by the talk of guardian angels and how angels do the work of God and guide us to fulfill what our vocations. I believe my vocation is to write stories christian stories to bring young adults into the fold of God. We are here if not for the youth then who. Trust in the Lord and in him we will see mighty thi…