Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily Scripture: Job 17:12-16

Job 17:12-16
You say that night is day. Light has nearly become darkness. If I look for the grave as my home and make my bed in the darkness,if I say to the pit, ‘You are my father,’ and to the worm, ‘You are my mother and sister,’then where is my hope? Can you see any hope left in me? Will hope go down with me to the gates of the grave? Will my hope rest with me in the dust?”

This scripture make me remember the times we are all depressed and want to blame God for our misery. The thing is God never wanted us to be miserable, that is Satan. he is trying to trap us and making us believe God is the one to blame. Well, in fact it's Satan who is trying to trick us. He is the one who is causing all our problems, also part of the blame is with ourselves. I know pain, I have problems, but they aren't brought on by God, but by man and the people Satan influences to hurt us. Mine was my biological family. They hurt me, they never wanted me. I moved to America and found true friendship, unconditional love, not from man, but from God himself.

I now have friends, friends that are there for me, that support me and help me. God gave me friends, true friends. Plus I got the family I always dreamed about. My partner's family. they welcomed me into the fold and I know true love from my partner's parents and brothers. I want the world to know I thank God for my new life in America!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily Scripture: Acts: 16:9

Acts 16:9
During the night Paul had a vision of a man from Macedonia. The man urged Paul, "Come to Macedonia to help us."

After reading this scripture, I found myself thinking long and hard. It tells me that God gave Paul a vision, this is a message from God to either do something, or go somewhere. Paul was an apostle and a true believer in God and Christ. I am also a believer in God and Christ. I believe during lent he gave me visions and let me hear his holy angels voices.

This is what made me know I'm a disciple of God and he is leading me to do his work. I also because he gave me a wonderful gift. The gift of writing. I write stories that are christian and aimed for the young adult crowd. This means I write stories for the children of our future. The age range is 12 to 18 yrs old. I believe we have to invest in their future. They are the disciples of the future. Let us prepare a way for them to come to Christ and God. They are his children, just like we are their children

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