Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Season

Right now I'm listening to music on I'm listening to spice girls and some Christmas music. The spice girls are making me remember the first time I wrote something. I'm remembering my life in England and here in America. I love America more than anywhere I've lived in my whole life. I love being here and having the family I desire in my own life.

I been thinking about this Holiday Season. If you're a christian, you will know this holiday season isn't about Santa and presents and gifts from family ad friends. This holiday season is about our LORD and Savior. Yes God and Christ is the real reason for this season of giving and receiving. Jesus taught the disciples to go forth and declare to the world he will come again and show them mercy, love and friendship. Yes God gives us his unconditional love, repentance and guidance along with many other gifts we receive from his Holy Ghost/ Holy Spirit. call it what you like. Christ is our Savior and he will guide us back to God at the right time.

Daily Scripture - 2 Timothy 1:7

2 Tim 1:7
God's gift was not the spirit of timidity,

but the Spirit of power, and love,
and self-control.

This scripture tells us about how powerful the Holy Ghost is. It's God spirit to work in our lives and show us how loving and caring God is to us, especially in times of trails and hardships. I know the Holy Ghost had shown me the mercy and unconditional love of God. I believe he sends his angels to watch over us and show us the might wisdom of his love. Pray and he will guide you and the Holy Ghost will show you the right way to live your life.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Daily Scriputer Psalms 57:1-3

Have pity on me, O God. Have pity on me, because my soul takes refuge in you. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until destructive storms pass by.

I call to God Most High,to the God who does everything for me.

He sends his help from heaven and saves me. He disgraces the one who is harassing me. God sends his mercy and his truth!

I got the feeling this is teaching me about knowing God is there for us, we just have to let him know. Asking his help and guidance is what he wants us to do. We can rely on our own , we need his help, his guidance and he gives us his love and tenderness we desperately seek.

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