Saturday, February 05, 2011

Poem - The Soul

The soul can taste and feel and see
And do all kinds of things
It grows and lives and loves to be
The song the Spirit sings

The soul is where one’s essence sleeps
To dream of better visions
A place where evil lurks and creeps
Affecting our decisions

The soul can be a conduit
Through which the Spirit heals
Accepting burdens onto it
To learn how Jesus feels

The soul is more than just a name
Or conscience-bearing entity
It has the right to burn its flame
And be who it was meant to be

The soul is power when it loves
The way that God has taught us
Or when it calls the Devil’s bluffs
Just when he thinks he’s caught us

The soul creates reality
When thoughts are God-inspired
And individuality
When needs are Spirit-fired

The soul can walk right through a wall
And take its body with it
Or never eat or drink at all
And still think thoughts quick-witted

The soul is free to make a choice
Between the flesh and God
To open up and speak its voice
On things in high regard

 The soul is quite a blessed part
Of life on planet Earth
For in its time and place and heart
It nourishes rebirth

The soul is all that God can be
Through Man’s imagination
The soul can BE eternally
And that’s no small creation

The soul is spirit when it is
Or when God calls upon it
Possessing power through the gifts
It desperately wanted

The soul can be possessed at will
Through faith and prayer and wishing
By evil lusts or spirits filled
With God’s pure intuition

The soul can be in perfect grace
When God is living in it
And shows a blessing on its face
Whenever in the Spirit

The soul is all the love we are
And all the hate as well
The foods we like, our favorite star
The things that make us yell

The soul is so complex at times
Especially at night
When dreams invade the spirit’s climb
To outer conscious sight

The soul creates itself at will
By what it says and does
Digesting every particle
Of what life is and was

The soul is more than words can pray
Or think or dream or treasure
The soul is our free will to say:
‘I choose to love forever’

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