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Poem - The Soul

The soul can taste and feel and see And do all kinds of things It grows and lives and loves to be The song the Spirit sings
The soul is where one’s essence sleeps To dream of better visions A place where evil lurks and creeps Affecting our decisions
The soul can be a conduit Through which the Spirit heals Accepting burdens onto it To learn how Jesus feels
The soul is more than just a name Or conscience-bearing entity It has the right to burn its flame And be who it was meant to be
The soul is power when it loves The way that God has taught us Or when it calls the Devil’s bluffs Just when he thinks he’s caught us
The soul creates reality When thoughts are God-inspired And individuality When needs are Spirit-fired
The soul can walk right through a wall And take its body with it Or never eat or drink at all And still think thoug…