Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Evening

Had a major experience yesterday at church, then at my bible study group. I'm a devote catholic and study the bible each day which does help with my writing. I believe God gave me a wonderful gift. I am a writer, with the thanks of the Holy Spirit. The girls I study the bible with are like having sisters around me all the time. I love them dearly and they inspire me to become the best I can be, along with my family here in Indiana.

Yesterday at church, during MASS, I had an experience I don't understand. God sends his angels' to me. It's like this last year during LENT, now this year. I believe this is something from God to tell me to be the best I can be. I love writing and I have written one novel so far. Not published or anything. Now I feel that God wants me to continue writing and finish my second or third book.

Right now I'm writing two novels, which can be hard, but I'm finding it rather simple right now. First my second novel is about a young boy who loses his only loving guardian, his grandmother. His living aunt and uncle don't want him and he is put into the foster care system. A loving family foster him and teach him things he didn't believe were possible. He finally has a second chance at a loving home.

My third is about a young adult, aged sixteen who parents are fighting, and they decide to get a divorce and  the main character is trying to cope with his mom gone, his dad finding a new partner and getting remarried. His father's new wife has two very young children and the main character is also fighting an inner battle about being catholic and gay. 

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