Sunday, August 07, 2011

Visions from God

I had a vision at church after the Eucharist. I was lifted up into the clouds. I was taken by an angel and told that things will get better and that I need to accept the facts about my MIL. She had done her job on earth. I wanted to ask questions, but when I tried to talk nothing came out. I had lost my voice. I was also shown myself in a book store signing autographs for books I’d written. It was so overwhelming. First I was told about my Mil and then about my writing. Then just as they were closing the service, I was back on the chair in church. I now know that God sent his angel to show me things I needed to understand about life. 

Poem - I'm a Survivor

That moment when I heard the door closing behind with all my memories inside, my heart stopped beating. I can't remember how I made it t...