Saturday, August 20, 2011

God Speaks to your Soul

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
And it is in dying tat we are born to eternal life… Amen

This prayer spoke to me when I found it in a box of books while unpacking in the bedroom. We'd recently moved into a new apartment July 1st. it made me stand back and think about God and his role in our lives. I know that I try to pray daily and study his word. The thing is sometime we forget or get too busy. We as a christian nation need to stop and spend just five minutes with him. He can strengthen and guide us wherever we're meant to be going. 

I read this and now I want to make more of an effort to keep God in the foremost part of our mind, body and soul. I'm a catholic and I love going to mass on Sunday's and partake of the Eucharist, listen to the homily. Even when we have visiting priest and other people talking to us as a christian nation. God knows how we feel. He knows what we go through. Remember he created us. While he created us, he also can number each hair strand on our body, whether on our head or a different place. He can number each one. This is something we have to remember. By His grace we are born and alive. 

Just think about how we are built. You wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for God. He sent his only begotten son to give us eternal life. Due to the sin with the first parents on earth. This is Adam and Eve. We are human, we make mistakes and that is why God set Christ to earth so we will be forgiven and get eternal life forever. Think about it. Without Christ's life, death and resurrection. We have eternal life.  What a wonderful gift he gave for us all who believe in Him.

Remember: If you believe in the Son(Christ) you are also believing in God the father also, plus the Holy Ghost...

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