Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fourth Sunday of Advent - Vision

This morning I was in so much pain I didn't want to go to church. But I had this feeling I had to go and manage through the intense pain in my back and knees. Suzie was late picking us up. She was late due to her car not starting due to the frost. We went into the chapel, I sat there listening to the choir singing. They were good. They made church bearable for me. I sat down and with eyes open, I said a quick prayer. The prayer was for the girls I hold dear to my heart who needs God's love and spirit.

After the Eucharist, I sat down and closing my eyes, I prayed as hard as I could for Lourdes and Amy. They have been in my constant thoughts this past week. I will remember I have it good. Most people, even my girls get it hard sometimes. Amy is struggling and I want her to be at peace with God's Spirit in her, working wonders. I also hope Lourdes and Robin have God's Spirit with them also. They are also struggling with money worries and other problems.

During my prayer, I was whisked away. I was not in my seat, I was on a cloud with God's Angels. There was two of them this time. They showed me what my future holds for me and my husband.  I will sell my books, but not till my time is here. Plus they told me in words I couldn't expect to hear. "God has chosen you to be his light. You will guide young children and teenagers back to him. You will show them God has not forgotten their struggles and he is there for them always. Also he wants you to show the youth and young adults that God is there if they just ask him into their hearts."

After they stopped talking I saw Nana Lily and Barbie standing before me and they each cuddled me. It felt so good. They also told me to not worry. To stop being sad and start to be happy. They were special to me in my life. "Child, I love you very much. You need to follow God's Spirit and let him guide me through the trails I have. Rest in God in all things." Nana Lily told me in her words. "Also remember that I love you also. We are happy here. There is a place for you up here. Just not right now. You must write, and spread God's Spirit and unconditional love to the youth and young adults on earth." Barbie added. I smiled and hugged both. I felt them hugging me like they were alive.

Within seconds I was back sitting next to my husband and we were finishing up mass. Something from my vision told me I will be famous. Just not wealthy. I just want to spread God's love to all who need it. I am thankful for what God has done for me, given me and I must let him guide and show me the right path.

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