Monday, June 24, 2013

Poem - Friendship Forever

This is Dedicated to my friend Patty...

Friendship Forever

Every Sunday your there with a smile.
No matter how much pain or sorrow you feel, your there
Everyone can count on you to volenteer
You touch so many hearts and souls

Your reach out to me today
I felt God guiding me to hold you deep inside my heart.
Holding your hand was like touching one of God's angels
You are special in every way

YOu need guidance, I am there
You need friends, I am there
You need to talk, I'm just a call away
Ready to listen and share your pain, your sorrow

You need someone, for anything, I am there
You are special, Special to those who care
Special to those who are there
You are there for us when we need a shoulder

I'm there always and forever...

Sunday 24th June - Vision of Hope

I didn't want to go to church this morning. I had a terrible back pain and knee pain. Just wanted to stay home and wait till 3pm came around. Theresa and I was going to go writing. My partner told me to go to church or no writing with Theresa. Writing is my life. I went to church regretting it while we were on the road to church. Once at church I knew I was meant to be there. not for myself, but for a special lady I have always considered my friend, a good friend. 

Patty is someone I hold dear to my heart. She was one of the people who I would ask question after question during my R.C.I.A. times. I think I was the one who caused so much headaches to those who ran the R.C.I.A. program, including the late Mary-Lynn. She was my mentor, my best friend and someone I could rely on along with my partner and their family.  I still miss Mary-Lynn, but I still got her in my heart forever, just like Patty. 

Patty looked so sad, so much pain in her eyes. She didn't have the sparkle in her eyes or smile this morning. When she reached over to try holding my hand during the Lord's Prayer. I just felt compelled to reach out to hold onto her. I felt God working through my body to enter her's. He will heal her I just know it. He will let the doctors help her pain. She still might get some pain, but she will get some relief too. He told me so. 

After taking of the Eucharist and Blood. I closed my eyes and prayed for Patty, Amy and my C.R.H.P. Sisters, Small Church friends. While in prayer, I felt my body being whisked away. I was no longer in my chair. I was sitting down on a chair, my books before me on a dark wooden table. People where lining up for me to sign my book. My first book. Beyond the line was my Nana Lily, my M.I.L. (Barbie), My brothers Ian and Michael. Mary-Lynn and my best pal Taryn McFlynn. Taryn died from breast cancer after I was told my tumor was gone and I was healed. 

All were watching me sign my books for people. They smiled with a sparkle and a glimmer of light in there smile and eyes. I wish for that to be back in Patty. She is such a giver of her time, her friendship and her wisdom, her love. I think the world of her. Anyhow, I was put back into my chair. for the brief moment I was without pain. Not a single bit of pain ran through my entire body. Once I opened my eyes the pain came rushing back into my body. I knew this vision was from God. Nobody else could take away so much pain I felt before Mass.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Don't Let Your Heart be Trouble

In John of the gospels tells us not to be troubled. He talked about Trusting in God and Jesus. He came to earth and to give us the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts. It means that God gave us free will. This is what the Holy Spirit does. He shows us what our choices are, just we have to make the choice whether or not we make the right choice. If we make wrong choices, we can ask for forgiveness. If our heart is not a a contrite heart, and filled with grace and faith. It means that God will listen to our prayers, it doesn't mean he will answer our prayers when we want them answered. He'll answer them in his good time.

To every trouble you have troubling your heart, like you have sinned a lot in your young or old life. You need to welcome God into your heart, and let him take your pain, your troubles you hold inside your heart. God gave you your life, only he can take it from you. If you commit suicide or give abortion to an unborn child. You are classed with murder in God's eyes. He gave life to you, only he can take it from you if you wish to go up to heaven.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Death and Holding onto Your Faith

It's been a while since writing on this blog. I know that God wants me to write more on here. I've felt I was losing my faith in God and Christ since my mother-in-Law Barbara died. She died in October 2011. I found it hard blogging or even reading my Bible since then. This year I lost my best friend Mary-Lynn. She was so good to me. She was my sponsor to becoming an American. Plus, she got me through R.C.I.A. in 2006 -2007. I still have the [pictures of my confirmation to become a Catholic. Now she is gone. I know she isn't in pain no more, but I miss her terribly.

Barbara and Mary-Lynn both died from different forms of cancer. I was a survivor or it. I still ask myself why I survived and they died. Still this made me reconsider that maybe God isn't real. Maybe he doesn't exist. I doubted my faith since the death of Mary-Lynn. I thought why would a loving God take someone who helped so many people and touch so many hearts. She is an inspiration to those she touched. I still remember when Deacon Kerry said about her happy dance.

Mary-Lynn did a happy dance when I was confirmed Easter 2007. I remember turning around after my first taste of the Eucharist and how my body felt when I had it in my mouth and swallowed it and then the wine (Jesus Christ's blood). I felt I was touch by an angel and God was inside me. I lost that last week. I hadn't even read or studied my Bible since Barbara died. I didn't think he was there for us, well me in particularly. He wasn't there for me at all. He wasn't there for Barbara or her family, my family.

Last night I watched What If? A movie with Kevin Sorbo in. He was given a second chance at a life he could have had if he didn't have his riches and such. The way he felt and the way he acted in the movie made me reconsider my life and ask myself What If? I picked up my Bible and opened it up and read some scripture. I also prayed a little in the silence of my heart. Asking God if he is truly there to touch my heart, to send the Holy Spirit into my body and show me the right path I should be going on.

This morning I did the exact same as last night. Picked up my Bible and read it, prayed about what I read. I felt a sudden surge of calm come over me. I knew then and there he is there for me. I had just stop talking to him. Now he is in my heart and I believe Mary-Lynn got him to guide me to reading my Bible again. I will study and read it daily till I can be with my lost loved ones.

If you even wonder like I did if he truly is there for us. The answer is yes. He is there. We have to keep on talking to him. Keep on learning about his plan in our lives.

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