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Death and Holding onto Your Faith

It's been a while since writing on this blog. I know that God wants me to write more on here. I've felt I was losing my faith in God and Christ since my mother-in-Law Barbara died. She died in October 2011. I found it hard blogging or even reading my Bible since then. This year I lost my best friend Mary-Lynn. She was so good to me. She was my sponsor to becoming an American. Plus, she got me through R.C.I.A. in 2006 -2007. I still have the [pictures of my confirmation to become a Catholic. Now she is gone. I know she isn't in pain no more, but I miss her terribly.

Barbara and Mary-Lynn both died from different forms of cancer. I was a survivor or it. I still ask myself why I survived and they died. Still this made me reconsider that maybe God isn't real. Maybe he doesn't exist. I doubted my faith since the death of Mary-Lynn. I thought why would a loving God take someone who helped so many people and touch so many hearts. She is an inspiration to those she touched…