Friday, March 08, 2013

Don't Let Your Heart be Trouble

In John of the gospels tells us not to be troubled. He talked about Trusting in God and Jesus. He came to earth and to give us the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts. It means that God gave us free will. This is what the Holy Spirit does. He shows us what our choices are, just we have to make the choice whether or not we make the right choice. If we make wrong choices, we can ask for forgiveness. If our heart is not a a contrite heart, and filled with grace and faith. It means that God will listen to our prayers, it doesn't mean he will answer our prayers when we want them answered. He'll answer them in his good time.

To every trouble you have troubling your heart, like you have sinned a lot in your young or old life. You need to welcome God into your heart, and let him take your pain, your troubles you hold inside your heart. God gave you your life, only he can take it from you. If you commit suicide or give abortion to an unborn child. You are classed with murder in God's eyes. He gave life to you, only he can take it from you if you wish to go up to heaven.

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