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Poem - Friendship Forever

This is Dedicated to my friend Patty...

Friendship Forever

Every Sunday your there with a smile.
No matter how much pain or sorrow you feel, your there
Everyone can count on you to volenteer
You touch so many hearts and souls

Your reach out to me today
I felt God guiding me to hold you deep inside my heart.
Holding your hand was like touching one of God's angels
You are special in every way

YOu need guidance, I am there
You need friends, I am there
You need to talk, I'm just a call away
Ready to listen and share your pain, your sorrow

You need someone, for anything, I am there
You are special, Special to those who care
Special to those who are there
You are there for us when we need a shoulder

I'm there always and forever...

Sunday 24th June - Vision of Hope

I didn't want to go to church this morning. I had a terrible back pain and knee pain. Just wanted to stay home and wait till 3pm came around. Theresa and I was going to go writing. My partner told me to go to church or no writing with Theresa. Writing is my life. I went to church regretting it while we were on the road to church. Once at church I knew I was meant to be there. not for myself, but for a special lady I have always considered my friend, a good friend. 

Patty is someone I hold dear to my heart. She was one of the people who I would ask question after question during my R.C.I.A. times. I think I was the one who caused so much headaches to those who ran the R.C.I.A. program, including the late Mary-Lynn. She was my mentor, my best friend and someone I could rely on along with my partner and their family.  I still miss Mary-Lynn, but I still got her in my heart forever, just like Patty. 

Patty looked so sad, so much pain in her eyes. She didn't have the sparkle in her e…