Friday, August 08, 2014

Convert to be a Catholic

One should never leave the religion in which one was born or raised for anything but the most serious of reasons. Warm feelings, family, friends, a social ethos, should never be the reason for joining or leaving a religion. The fact that you do not like the priest, pastor or parishioners should never be a reason for staying or leaving. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have never been a person to "go with the flow" or seek popularity.

Though I grew up in a "Catholic" household my family was not the typical Catholic family. My mother was a member who was non-active. My step-father was not a member until late in life. Neither my brothers. I went onto religion to religion, just wanted to find answers to life's questions in my mind. Just wanted to find answers to why things happened to me and my brother due to our mother's rage and neglect.

Our mother was not a kind and friendly person in the home. Outside she make everyone think she was loving, caring and a good Catholic. on the inside she was not that sort. Me and my brother escaped her wrath. We fled England, our home to live in Southern Ireland for a few years. We then traveled through Europe, living in many different countries. We lived in Holland, Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Western Australia Belgium and Germany over a many years.

Now I live in Indiana, America. My brother was sent to prison, where he shortly killed himself. I still miss him to this day. I did become a Catholic officially here. I've found that God works in marvelous ways. God has made me a messenger to spread his word to others. We are all called to be God's Messenger if we accept that duty we will be fully blessed. I know when I write my stories I know God is guiding my words as I tell a story. He is letting me spread the word of his wisdom and guidance to the young adults and children in this forgotten world.

REMEMBER: God is in you. You just have to accept him and his Holy Spirit in your life. Letting the Holy Ghost guide you in all ways.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Revelation of God

I haven't been going to church for a matter of weeks. I found myself losing faith in God. I stopped going and my life went down the drain so to speak. It was like everyone was against me. It was like nobody wanted me around them. I found the girls from my C.R.H.P. team at St Mark's Catholic Church. I got the feeling that I wasn't welcome there for a matter of weeks. It felt like they knew I wasn't ready or studying the bible or the catechism of the catholic church. It was like God wasn't watching me like I hoped he was

I got the feeling he wasn't with me. The Holy Spirit wasn't with me I thought for such a long time. I finally went to church and the next few days I found that medicaid and my doctors office had finalized my new wheelchair. It came today. I felt that maybe going back to church made God present in my life once again. I read a few passages from my bible. It was like I felt totally different. I felt God's Holy Spirit was in me once again.

With the wheelchair being a great one. I said a short prayer of thanks to God and his angels. After this prayer I got a vision.

Vision: I fell to the floor, on my knees, which caused me immense pain. I saw two angels before me. I was whisked away into a place where I was taken. It was brilliant white light. Like I was in the presence of God's angels. I saw my Nana Lily. She was smiling like a Cheshire cat. She said "Trust God and his Holy Spirit. They will never leave you. They will always be with you child. Trust in God and his angels. They will guide you in all ways. God Loves you unconditional. Never forget that." She soon was gone and I was back on the carpet in my living room. 

I knew to trust God and never forget God is there for me and whoever believes in him. God is a loving parent to us, his children. I knew and still believe God is in my life because I want him. He is also watching what I do in life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014



I believe watching this video on YouTube. It made me think about think about my imperfection. I know I sin a lot of the time. We all as Christians sin daily. We need to profess our faith to God and the Lord Jesus. We need to understand that we are Christians that have sinned and keep sinning daily. We know what to do to correct our imperfections. We just have to confess our sins to him who will forgive and give us his unconditional love and understanding. He knows we are imperfect and sin. He will forgive us. He is a forgiving God.

Jesus Christ gave us the sacraments to follow Jesus footsteps to go up to be with you in heaven. Heavenly Father gave us his only son so we will have everlasting life. It is why we are born imperfect due to the original sin by Adam and Eve. We need to go to confession regularly. I know I don't go as regular as should. I need to go to confession more often. Also we need to confess our sins to the Lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father. They are the ones we must confess our sins to. We can pray for guidance, strength and many other reasons. We need help and strength to not sin. We need guidance from the Holy Spirit and Jesus so we can go to heaven when it is our time to leave our love ones and join those who have died before us in our families.

Remember: We are born imperfect. We need to ask for forgiveness from our Heavenly Father and Jesus. We can pray to the Holy Spirit and Our Mother Mary too. They will send our prayers to Jesus and Our Heavenly Father.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Resolutions Vs Goals

Every year we make a new year Resolutions. It's like me make rules we want to change about about ourselves and make us a new person. These can be classes as goals we make. Mine are to get closer to God and Jesus. To pray the rosary daily rather that to just pray it when I feel like it. You should not just do it because you feel you have to. You do it because God is there guiding you to do what is needed to be a better Christian.

To be a better Christian shouldn't be a New Year Resolution. It should be something you do daily to keep connected with God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mary. If it wasn't for The Blessed Mary we wouldn't have Jesus or be here today. Through Our Blessed Mary we have Jesus who gave his life so we can be saved. He saved our souls to give us everlasting life. Unconditional love and mercy. We have so much through Our Blessed Mary and Our Savior Jesus Christ. He gave everything to give us life everlasting.

Without Jesus sacrifice we wouldn't have a chance at anything. He gave his life to save ours. We pray to Jesus, God the Father and The Holy Ghost forgiveness of our sins. We go to church, go to confession to a Priest and tell our sins. Then we are forgiven. We all have this due to the sacrifice Jesus gave for all of us. Without Jesus sacrifice we wouldn't have a hope in hell at having a better life.  It was Jesus who gave us that second chance at life.

We got everlasting life. Remember this when you think about your New Year Resolutions or Goals you make for the new year. I know mine are always the same. To get closer to God and Jesus. TO be a disciple of Jesus and God the Father. They gave me life. They gave me a second chance at living this life I could have ruined.

My Goals are as follows
  1. Study the Bible daily
  2. Pray three times a day
  3. Pray after studying the Bible
  4. Pray the Rosary daily
  5. Live a Christian Life 
  6. Use the Gifts God has given me
These are my Goals for the year. I know without God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost I can not do a single thing. With them in my life, in my heart I can do anything. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost give me the strength, guidance and hope and faith to carry on each day I live.

Without God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost I can no overcome my mental illness, physical and emotional problems without them in my life. I believe, I have faith in the Trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost) in my life. They keep me going through the rough times and the good times. 

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