Sunday, January 05, 2014

Resolutions Vs Goals

Every year we make a new year Resolutions. It's like me make rules we want to change about about ourselves and make us a new person. These can be classes as goals we make. Mine are to get closer to God and Jesus. To pray the rosary daily rather that to just pray it when I feel like it. You should not just do it because you feel you have to. You do it because God is there guiding you to do what is needed to be a better Christian.

To be a better Christian shouldn't be a New Year Resolution. It should be something you do daily to keep connected with God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mary. If it wasn't for The Blessed Mary we wouldn't have Jesus or be here today. Through Our Blessed Mary we have Jesus who gave his life so we can be saved. He saved our souls to give us everlasting life. Unconditional love and mercy. We have so much through Our Blessed Mary and Our Savior Jesus Christ. He gave everything to give us life everlasting.

Without Jesus sacrifice we wouldn't have a chance at anything. He gave his life to save ours. We pray to Jesus, God the Father and The Holy Ghost forgiveness of our sins. We go to church, go to confession to a Priest and tell our sins. Then we are forgiven. We all have this due to the sacrifice Jesus gave for all of us. Without Jesus sacrifice we wouldn't have a hope in hell at having a better life.  It was Jesus who gave us that second chance at life.

We got everlasting life. Remember this when you think about your New Year Resolutions or Goals you make for the new year. I know mine are always the same. To get closer to God and Jesus. TO be a disciple of Jesus and God the Father. They gave me life. They gave me a second chance at living this life I could have ruined.

My Goals are as follows
  1. Study the Bible daily
  2. Pray three times a day
  3. Pray after studying the Bible
  4. Pray the Rosary daily
  5. Live a Christian Life 
  6. Use the Gifts God has given me
These are my Goals for the year. I know without God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost I can not do a single thing. With them in my life, in my heart I can do anything. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost give me the strength, guidance and hope and faith to carry on each day I live.

Without God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost I can no overcome my mental illness, physical and emotional problems without them in my life. I believe, I have faith in the Trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost) in my life. They keep me going through the rough times and the good times. 

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