Poem - There Is A God

There is a place called heaven
This I can undoubtedly say
Without any hesitation
Of what this message conveys

There are no words to describe it
No visuals that can compare
Such as roads of gold or gates that scroll
Beyond Earth's hemisphere

One night while I was sleeping
My soul started to be raised
Sitting up from within my body
With arms in heavenly praise

What brought this spiritual moment
This I do not know
But the feelings felt within myself
Were shared to me by soul

There was an ultimate feeling of self-giving
A surrendering of my total being
No other thoughts came to mind
Except praising God as my king

The love I felt was immeasurable
No past love came close to compare
A love so strong and powerful
Yet seemed to have always been there

The soul itself was not a mist 
Or foggy image seen
But an array of electrical colors 
Though formed in my earthly being

As my soul descended back 
To where my body laid
A gasp of air was all it took
To make me step forth and say


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